A mobile unit for Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) screening
We have formed (group of ophthalmologist) a mobile retinopathy of prematurity screening unit. We screen, detect and treat ROP in premature and low birth weight newborns in Neo natal intensive care units (NICU), pediatric wards and ophthalmic out patient departments of various hospitals in the districts of Kamrup( Guwahati) and Nagaon of the state of Assam.Initiated by me this is a first of its kind endeavor in North-Eastern India where several ophthalmologist and few pediatricians are participating.ROP or retinopathy of pre-maturity occur in premature and low birth weight babies, where the retina of the eye is underdeveloped. As the new born grows his undeveloped retina also grows. However, often times this retinal development is abnormal. As a result complications (abnormal growth of retinal blood vessels, haemorrhage, retinal detachment) may occur leading to irreversible blindness. This potentially disastrous condition can be successfully treated with laser or intravitreal injection or both if detected early. The participating ophthalmologist or pediatricians screen the premature and low birth weight (less than 1800 gm, O2 therapy, sepsis etc) newborns and inform me(principal ophthalmologist) when a newborn is
suspected to have ROP.After receiving information I with my assistants and equipments (for diagnosis and treatment of ROP) arrive at the neonatal intensive care units, pediatric wards or ophthalmic OPD of the hospital.Our centers are very well equipped and we carry all necessary equipments like indirect ophthalmoscope, laser with indirect delivery system, baby eye speculums etc. After examination if ROP in advance stage is detected treatment of the affected eye is initiated (laser or intravitreal anti VEGF injection). A written consent from the parents is obtained beforehand. Those babies who do not require treatment but are at risk kept on regular check up till 42 weeks of gestation. Following treatment the babies are re-examined at a predetermined interval and further management is decided.Since inception of this programme in 2010, several newborns have been treated and their eyesight restored. Early detection and prompt treatment of ROP has saved several newborn babies from going blind.All parents are encouraged to screen their premature babies in our screening centers or to contact us at Guwahati Eye Institute and Research Center/Aksi Advance Eye Center. Further enquiry can be sent to our e-mail address.

Pre mature new born baby

Premature baby with ROP

Another Premature baby being readied for ROP screening

ROP with iris neovascularization

Indirect laser delivery unit

ROP treated with Green laser

ROP treated with intravitreal injection




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